James Briggs was called to be the pastor of First Baptist Church in Fayette MO, on August 5, 2012.
James grew up in the Wentzville/ Lake Saint Louis area, which is about 45 miles west of Saint Louis, Missouri. He was a member of Wentzville United Methodist Church and even prayed “the prayer” when he was in fourth grade. That experience did not lead to a life changed by the Spirit of God that bore the Fruit of the Spirit; instead he continued to live in unrepentant sin, proving he did not truly have a relationship with Christ. That lasted until he was a junior in high school when James started attending the youth group of the Chapel of the Lake, a Non-Denominational Church in Lake St. Louis MO.
It was through the ministry of the youth and the Youth Pastor Keith Spaugh that James first really came into regular weekly contact with the Gospel and slowly came under real conviction about the state of his soul. The work of the Spirit culminated in the parking lot of First Baptist Church of Wentzville Missouri on September 19, 2001 when James cried out to God to save him and, through his infinite grace, He did.
After high school, he attended Missouri Baptist University in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he graduated in 2006 with a degree in Biblical Languages and Church Planting.
In 2006 James married his bride Shannon on June 9, and moved to Louisville, Kentucky where he attended The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
In 2007 James was called to be the Youth Pastor at Mount Moriah Baptist Church in Boston, Kentucky. While serving at Mount Moriah, James was licensed and ordained to the Gospel Ministry.
In 2008, James was called to be the Youth Pastor of Muldraugh Baptist Church, where he served for three and a half years before he was called to First Baptist.
In 2012 James graduated with a Masters of Divinity in Christian Ministry from Southern Seminary.
James and Shannon have three sons; Athan John, David Charles, and Taran Alexander